Online Fee Payment Detail for Registration

Account Title: Sibgha Dilawar

Account Number: HABB 0053477000046403

Attendee Fee: 2000

Presenter fee: 3000

International fee for Attendee/Presenter: $15


Scholars/Attendees are required to read the following instructions while submitting the fee online

  • The fee must be submitted to the account given above.
  • The Attendee has to send the proof of payment at the official email of the conference:
  • In case you are a presenter, share your contact details along with the abstract and proof of payment  to the given email.
  • Both Attendee/Presenter has to bring the proof of payment on the conference day and submit it to the concerned person at registration desk. 

1st International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Multidisciplinary Research on 18-20th October 2022

Theme of the Conference

The aim of the conference was:

To foster discussion and strengthen connections between scholars, practitioners, and novice researchers representing different areas of linguistics, literature and culture for a discussion on the role of languages in international communication in the contemporary world.

Faculty of Life Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Religion and Languages

Faculty of Economics, Commerce and Management Sciences

… at intermediate and Degree level. It has been offering post graduates classes in History since 2005 and initiated BS (4Year) in 2010.

Now it’s a great honor for us to redesign our department and programs under the shelter of The Women University, Multan with new mission and objectives.

The importance of History is in its capacity to help one to draw conclusions from the past events. It may be said that history is to the human race, what memory is to each man. It sheds the light of the past upon the present, thus helping one to understand oneself, by making one acquainted with other peoples. Also, as one studies the rise and fall of empires and civilizations, the lessons of the past help one to avoid the pitfalls of the present.

It preserves the traditions and cultural values of a nation, and serves as a beacon of light, guiding society in confronting various crises. History is indeed as Allen Nerins puts it, “a bridge connecting the past with the present and pointing the road to the future.”