Quality Enhancement Cell

The progress of any country depends on the quality of human resources for various sectors of the economy. Universities play a significant role in producing quality of human resources. Therefore, Higher Education commission (HEC) has been emphasizing the importance of higher education through establishing and implementing Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) at all public and private sector universities. The function of QECs is to implement quality policies and programs as advised by National Quality Assurance Committee of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. WUM is also committed to quality in higher education by establishing an independent QEC at its university campus.

Quality Enhancement Cells was established at WUM to have a focused attention on quality assurance aspect of Higher Education and to monitor the ongoing quality move in the University. The impact of quality assurance and the changes which it has brought in the University are outlined below:‐

  • Awareness about self‐assessment, its procedures and implementation at departmental level has created and practiced.
  • Streamlined the maintenance of Faculty Folders of Bachelors, Masters, MPhil and PhD Degree programs.
  • Lesson plan and course material files are being maintained and distributed among students.
  • Admission, registration and guidance to students, a complete student cycle is automated and . streamlined alongside other educational processes.
  • Qualified and experienced senior faculty Assisted has been inducted and trained.
  • Graduate and undergraduate academic programs’ have been Improvised and developed.
  • Semester  rules and regulations for graduate and undergraduate programs are being developed and implemented.
  • New MPhil and PhD programs have been launched in  the year 2021-2022.
  • Examination and Assessment system has been improvised and established with better practices.
  • Collaborations with Professional Development Centre, including faculty development and capacity building.
  • Faculty handbook is developed for assistance and awareness of the faculty.

Objectives of QEC

The strategic quality objectives of the QEC are:

  • Developing and implementing QE Policies and procedures of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.
  • Capacity building of the faculty and staff of the Women University Multan.
  • Assessment and evaluation of the current status of educational quality at the departmental level.
  • Regular Audit of the academic and administrative processes and recommending measures for enhancement of the quality of education & research.
  • Review of academic programs to monitor effective management of standards and quality mechanisms , including  collaborations with other and affiliated institutions.

University Ranking

TIMES  World Rankings of The Women University Multan.

The Women University Multan ranked at 601-800 in University Impact Rankings 2021 by The Times Higher Education World University Rankings

WUM participated in impact ranking exhibiting its commitment to sustainability and making a positive social impact through its partnerships, research, teaching, community engagement and knowledge transfer.  THE Impact Rankings in fact show how the global higher education sector is working towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Women University Multan has been ranked at 600-800 in the World University Impact Rankings 2022, released by the Times Higher Education. WUM participated in impact ranking in all SDGs, exhibiting its commitment to sustainability and making a positive social impact through its partnerships, research, teaching, community engagement and knowledge transfer. In 2022 WUM is ranked in all SDGs.


The Organizing Committee of the Second Conference of the Hanseatic League of Universities has formed a task force to prepare a new university ranking system. It is titled “World’s Universities with Real Impact (WURI)” and evaluates the university’s real contributions to our society. WUM participated in WURI ranking for the first time and ranked in 100-200 universities.


The aim of this ranking is to provide the result of online survey regarding the current condition and policies related to Green Campus and Sustainability in the Universities all over the world. The focus is to draw the attention of university leaders and stake holders to combat global climate change, energy and water conservation, waste recycling, and green transportation. Such activities require change of behavior and providing more attention to sustainability of the environment, as well as economic and social problem related to the sustainability. The Women university Multan applied the green metric rankings for the first time and WUM has been declared as First green University among all the Women Universities around the World and 572nd Worlds Most Sustainable University in 2021.

Curriculum Revision: Education Policy 2020

Meetings were conducted with all 24 departments to revise and align the BS curriculum to consider intake of students having Level-5 of Qualification i.e., 14 years of education, in 5th semester (3rd year) of BS degree program, as per criteria after completion of 15-18 credit hours in bridging semester.  Furthermore, the curriculum for Associate degree program was prepared, keeping in view the importance of Associate degree program to develop marketable and industry-driven skills to fulfil the dearth of skilled human resource in various arenas of industry. Revised curriculum is published as curriculum catalogue volume 1 and 2. ADP has been integrated into BS4 Year program. The unique feature of ADP as HEC guidelines have also been incorporated in the BS program.

New Academic Programs

QEC ensures approvals/accreditation of all programs from respective bodies. For MPhil/PhD programs, QEC is in liaison with HEC that NOC must be obtained for programs started after Oct 2013. The process of getting NOCs was started in the year 2021 and NOC cases were submitted to HEC for 08 MPhil/PhD programs in 2021-22.







Applied Psychology

NOC granted



Mass communication

NOC granted



Institute of Management

NOC granted




NOC granted




NOC granted




Institute of Management Sciences

NOC granted




Institute of Management Sciences

NOC granted