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In 1947 Urdu Department was established in Govt. College for Women Ketchery Road Multan. Post graduate classes in Urdu were initiated in the year 2005 and BS- 4 years Honors in Urdu in the year 2010. Govt. College for Women Multan was merged in The Women University Multan in 2013 and till to date Department of Urdu as a part of The Women University Multan is providing high quality of education to the female students of this area. Urdu literature also reflects our culture as well as our emotions decline of literature is decline of a nation literature is familiar with the glorious tradition of their predecessors and also teaches his students to knock on the door nuanced insights. The development of each nation’s language is developed through its literature and literature his language is the main source to preserve it. Department of Urdu, The Women University Multan renders certain services to its students and it aims to prepare them for different departments like teaching, journalism, electronic media, Foreign Service, translator etc.
The Women University Multan aspires to promote distinctive world class education and reach to cultivate and enhance students ‘global competence by exploring their hidden potentials, skills and creativity needed to combat the challenges of 21st century. The University is also committed to train and educate the females in the functional and friendly environment providing the strongest foundation to build identity. The cycle of continuous improvement will be carried on at Women University Multan ensures career oriented education and learning that is vital for individual identity and female empowerment.


It is high time that Department of Urdu may be reengineered and redesigned under The Women University Multan to provide high quality of education to the female students of this area.


The Ph.D. & M.Phil. in Urdu are part of a multidimensional program. They will provide students with comprehensive knowledge in various subjects. It will provide students the opportunity to engage themselves in meaningful discussion and share their view on a variety of topics. Courses, seminars and research projects in the department will be based around various subjects ranging from grammar all the way to latest literature.

  • Effort for progress Urdu as a National language.
  • To prepare students for teaching in all education institutes.
  • Correlationing in international languages and literature.
  • To provide Self-confident and self-discipline students who may have the guts to make their mark in the world.
  • Representation of National thinking.
  • To highlight the moral values through literature.

Main elements of the strategic plan to achieve program mission and objectives.

  1. Curriculum design: Core subjective, Elective subjects. A wide variety of elective are offered which brings diversity in the program. It also includes provision of areas of specialization
  2. Concept building through extensive study of classical and contempory literature.
  3. Small-scale research projects compatible with contemporary literature throughout the degree program and one research project in the final semester which may be come basis for wining a good job.

Standard 1-2: The Program must have document outcomes for graduating students. It must be demonstrated that the outcomes support the program objectives and that graduating students are capable of performing these outcomes.


  • Provide an opportunity for the female students of this area to acquire high quality education in Urdu literature.
  • Preservation of ancient culture heritage of Multan by encouraging high quality research.
  • Development of practical skill and knowledge to meet the global challenges.
  • Enable the students to develop a sense of national identity and collective consciousness.
  • Enable the students to bridge the gap between social sciences and natural sciences.
  • Generate a heightened level of interest in the Urdu language.
  • Enable our students to take advantage of the opportunities provided to them through our curriculum.
  • Help mold the future generation of Urdu graduates into model citizens for the betterment of Pakistan.

Chairperson Message

Dr. Azra Parveen
Welcome to the Department of Urdu at The Women University Multan. We as a department seek to create and share knowledge of Urdu literature and linguistics. We do this to promote ethical and competent students who are able to adapt and lead in this rapidly changing world. We pursue high ideals in our research and teachings by focusing on two major traditions of Urdu: Literature and Linguistics. We aim to shed light on society and human conditions through critically examining Urdu literature. Further we aim to promote Urdu as a language and its practical application in different spheres of life. These two traditions come under one roof in the department of Urdu which seeks to understand society and human relations and Urdu language via interpretive research methods. I am proud on the way we as a department work both individually and collectively to generate quality research and to share knowledge which enables our students to become competent and fulfilled professionals. I invite you to look over these webpages in order to know about the programs offered in the department.

Faculty Members

Dr. Azra Parveen
Dr. Azra Parveen

Associate Professor

Dr. Shahida Rasool
Dr. Shahida Rasool

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shagufta Hussain
Dr. Shagufta Hussain

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Shehlla Iqbal
Dr. Shehlla Iqbal


Ms. Sara Majeed
Ms. Sara Majeed


Ms. Najma Usman
Ms. Najma Usman


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