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Associate Degree Program (ADP) Center of The Women University Multan offers an Associate Degree in different disciplines of Science and Arts. Associate Degree is a post-intermediate two-year undergraduate academic degree that focuses on a respective field chosen by the students. As per HEC, it is a substitute for the Bachelors of Arts (B.A) and Bachelors of Science (B.S.c) degree program is equivalent to 14 years of education.


The vision of the Center for Associate Degree Program is to be a leading Center in the field of Associate Degree through the provision of quality skill-based education that juxtaposes research skills with critical thinking capabilities. It envisions to train students to become leaders in innovative thinking, to equip them to provide solutions to emerging global and national issues, so that they can also contribution the transformation of the country into a knowledge-based economy.


The Mission of the Center for Associate Degree Program is to function as a student-centric institution dedicated to academic excellence, tolerance and fairness.

Maintaining and fostering highest ethical and professional values while teaching students to seek knowledge analytically, be creative, communicate effectively and become technologically literate to meet the emerging needs of our society within the global village.


The concept behind Associate Degree Program is to offer a skill-based degree, where a connection is present between degree offered and required human resource. Objectives of the program include higher earning potential, better job security and opportunity for the students. It helps students in setting career goals and interests. Even students with AD can appear in CSS exams. This program increases access of students to higher education by providing affordable skill-based education. Thus, a work force will be available in the country with high employment

Dr. Munazzah Rabbani

Chairperson Message

The Center for Associate Degree Programme, The Women University Multan, has been established in 2021 with a two-fold approach: to offer quality post-intermediate two years Associate Degree in a wide range of academic disciplines, and to serve as a central point of liaison to facilitate the communication and correspondence between the affiliated

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institutions offering Associate Degree and the relevant academic departments of WUM.The Center for Associate Degree Programme at WUM has been established with a future-oriented vision to meet the demand for a skill-based education incorporated into the syllabi of undergraduate academic degree. As it has been launched as an alternate to the Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Science degree programmes, so the practical aspect of learning has been particularly focused upon in the designing of syllabi in all disciplines. We offer internship programmes in almost all categories.

Although the Associate Degree Programme is a newly-launched initiative at WUM, but the response to this initiative has been heartening to say the least. We have so far offered admissions in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters and have received an enthusiastic response in all categories.

The administrative and academic team at the ADP Center is fully committed to facilitating the students in their curricular and co-curricular ventures. We have an excellent academic faculty involved in the teaching process comprising of dedicated permanent WUM faculty and adjunct faculty with rich and diverse research and teaching experience.

It is hoped that the students graduating from the ADP Center will leave their mark in the society as useful members and will contribute skillfully to the development of the nation. In case of any query, the Center can be contacted at

Faculty Members

Dr. Munazzah Rabbani
Dr. Munazzah Rabbani

Director, Center for Associate Degree Program The Women University, Multan, Pakistan.

Dr. Warda Hasan
Dr. Warda Hasan

Assistant Director (Admissions)

Ms. Sadia Tahir
Ms. Sadia Tahir

Assistant Director (Examinations)

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