IT Infrastructure & Services

Every progressive and competitive institution requires continuous up gradation of its physical and technological infrastructure. Due to rapid technological advancements, it is imperative for a modern institution to continuously upgrade itself. WUM also fully realizes the importance of physical and technological advancement in the world and the need to strengthen and upgrade its facilities for the provision of quality education.

HEC Smart Classroom Project (EOI)

The Women University Multan was selected by the HEC for establishing Smart Classrooms: One in Katchery Campus and one in Matital Campus. Katchery Campus is the Main Site and Matital Campus is the Branch Site.  These classrooms provide auto audio/video tracking, lecture recording, interactive digital boards and online assessment capabilities. The funding for the hardware and software components of this project will be the responsibility of the HEC. The physical deployment process has been initiated and expected to be completed by the start of the coming year.

Scope & Benefits for Students & Staff

  1. Faculty and students are able to connect with internet automatically within the campus for education and research purposes without any hassle.
  2. Blanket Wi-Fi coverage is available completely at all buildings including all departments, hostels, admin blocks and also open areas.
  3. Users are also able to connect all Wi-Fi devices like mobiles, tablets, laptop, and computers automatically within university premises.
  4. High speed Wi-Fi coverage is available 24/7 in 365 days.
  5. Student can easily make sessions for online studies, the use of digital resources like digital library, assignments etc.
  6. Faculty is also able to use this network easily for educational research.
  7. The network has special policies which strict to the users to use only relevant education material.
  8. All irrelevant traffic is filtered with latest firewall.

Logs are managed to monitor network traffic and restrictions are applied accordingly.

Smart University Benefits for University

  1. Free of cost world top brand and latest Wi-Fi equipment installed at WUM
  2. Five years' services and support included in contract and warranty provision on condition of SOPs.
  3. Law enforcement agencies also highlighted to adopt Smart University Project which is a well designed, centrally monitored and controlled network.
  4. Free of cost Safe Campus Project is also linked to Smart University Project in which surveillance will be available 24/7 in 365 days with active NOC (Network Operation Center).
  5. Bandwidth cost against each AP as 1Mbps will be abided by the university and will be paid in 7 years installment plan.
  6. NPM (Network Performance Management) like E-sight or Cisco Prime licensed software (7 years) provision of live monitoring logs for users and equipment
  7. Application firewall has been deployed and strict policies have been applied for management.
  8. NOC will be available to control and monitor every event or equipment status and auto generate query to resolve the matter.


University adopted the Smart University Project offered by the HEC and has PERN connectivity of 318 MB accumulatively. Which of the 117 MB of PERN Internet bandwidth is utilizing in Katchehry campus. In 2020 university adopted Smart University Project for its Mattital Campus and 201 MB PERN Internet Bandwidth is utilizing in Mattital Campus. University is fully covered with the WIFI Internet as a Blanket WIFI and user can access the internet anywhere within the university's premises.
University distributed free of cost 545 internet broadband devices with 6 months internet package among the students and faculty to facilitate the needy students who are availing financial assistant from the university.

PERN (Pakistan Education & Research Network)

PERN is integral part of the Government of Pakistan, IT Action Plan 2002. The National Research & Education Network (NRENs) by design are specialized educational intranet which are dedicated to support the needs of R&E communities within and outside the country.
WUM has acquired PERN, an integral part of the Government of Pakistan, IT Action Plan 2002. Services that are associated with PERN network and acquire most advanced I.T technologies without any extra cost are mentioned as under:

Sr No





Smart Campus project               

Free Equipment, Installations & configuration, support (7 years) Passive and active equipment's

Only paid bandwidth cost for 7 year’s installment plan


Safe campus Project

IP Surveillance camera’s complete installation & configuration (passive and active equipment’s) and support (7 year’s)



Smart Class room Project              

Build complete infrastructure, Installation & configuration and support (passive and active equipment included)



Video Conference Project            

Build complete infrastructure, Installation, configuration and support

Paid on installment for prescribed period


Microsoft Azure services


Nominal cost


Turnitin Software

Software used for checking plagiarism

Nominal cost


Digital Library

Generals, Research paper, articles

General Free (some services are paid


Capacity building

Trainings for technical personnel’s

Including in PER


Network Performance Monitor (Solar Wind)

Monitoring tools


Learning Management System (LMS)

University adopted the online Learning Management System (LMS) where all the teaching activities are conducted. All the students & teachers have their individual login credentials to manage their learning activities individually. Online classes are conducted through MS Teams and teachers can conduct quiz & assignments through CMS. Students can attempt their quizzes, assignments, and other academic activities through LMS. All the mid-term and final-term exams are also conducted through LMS.

WUM Coursera

Coursera is a worldwide renowned MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) provider. The Women University, Multan, through its Coursera for Campus Program has been facilitating its students, faculty and staff to avail 01 paid course from international universities free of cost.
There are currently 3914 international courses being offered from Coursera. These courses range from courses, professional certificates to specializations. WUM catalog of courses can be found at

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has enabled all users to connect, communicate, and share information in any environment. At the Women’s University, Multan, video conferencing is currently being utilized for different programs and to conduct meetings for efficient and effective use of time and resources.


University has a fully functional website. In 2021, the university developed the different new modules in this website e.g., QEC, ORIC, Journals, R.T.I., etc. the website is frequently being updated and all the information is publicly available under the guidelines of the government. All the necessary links related to students and departments place on the website so that the users can easily access and obtain their desire information without any hassle.