History of WUM

The Women University Multan, since its inception in 2013, has transformed into one of the premier institutions of national recognition through imparting quality education with research in the disciplines of Social Sciences, IT, Management Sciences, Life Sciences, physical sciences, Languages and Religion. The university has leaped forward in academics by offering undergraduate, postgraduate, MS/MPhil and PhD Programs. Both its Old and New campuses located at Katchery and Mattital are fully functional.

The Women University Multan is following National Quality Assurance Practices based on HEC's QAA guidance in formulating academic procedures including academic programs, research & innovation, virtual teaching and learning, conduct and rules of examinations and good governance. The Women University Multan is continuously striving for the quality enhancement of its programs through increasing linkages, strengthening collaborations and building institutional image. Quality parameters were assured in online teaching and learning, curriculum review and cataloging has also been a focus, curriculum has been revised thrice and curriculum catalogues have been printed. To evaluate the performance of WUM a self-Institutional Performance Evaluation (S-IPE) was conducted in 2022 for the first time. Report of self IPE has been received and implementation plan has been prepared accordingly. This year (2021-2022) was focused for implementation of policies framed., election for the Academic Council of Women University of Multan was held, for the first time, in 2022 to fulfill constitutional obligation and completion of the process of appointment of members in accordance to the University Act.

The university is much focused on Human Resource Development (HRD). Training of HR and faculty are considered to be a significant contributor in the overall development of the university. Staff and faculty have attended training sessions regularly to upgrade their skills and knowledge about their specific area of working. Professional Development Centre (PDC) has been established to align human resource development with Vision, Mission and Core Values of the university. Faculty development program is designed around the notion that faculty has to be abreast with new developments in teaching methodologies, research, professional knowledge and skills. Leadership program for faculty focuses on development of knowledge, skills and disposition to prepare the faculty for current and future leadership roles. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are also framed this year to evaluate performance of teachers alongside launch of Best University Teacher Award (BUTA- WUM), to acknowledge and encourage best teaching and research practices. During the academic year 2021-2022, faculty members have regularly attended national and international conferences, workshops, seminars/ symposiums, webinars to share and transfer knowledge in different scientific fields. The faculty members were also encouraged to improve their qualification and visit universities abroad to update their technical and subject-based knowledge from international universities/ institutes; some of them have returned and are serving the university. During the year, faculty members of different departments of the university obtained short term training, doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships and executing research work in labs of top ranked universities.

The provision of better research facilities to encourage the faculty to publish quality research papers in national and international reputed journals is another important strength. In the year 2021-22, 05 MoUs have been signed between WUM and different institutions and organizations for academic and research sharing. University is offering PEEF, need-based scholarship, Bait-ul-Mal, EHSAAS and foreign scholarship to the deserving students from Government of Punjab, HEC and its own resources. The university has established linkages with the industries for promoting entrepreneurship besides establishment of university- industry consortia and Multanian Business Incubation Center MBIC). University has also geared up its resources to further enhance its role in increasing employability for students of all disciplines. Centre for Career Counseling and job Placement has been revived and structured to provide much need assistance to the students of WUM.
The Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) has been structured and re-engineered to meet the HEC requirements and to reach out to the relevant industry to help research and innovation find direction and purpose. The research activities have also been stepped up with the launch of 10 academic journals; out of which seven Journals have been recognized by HEC in “Y category”. 03 more Journals have been submitted for HEC recognition and two more Journals i.e., Journal of Management and Social Insights and Mathematical Sciences and Applications are approved by Academic Council to be launched in 2022. These journals are being developed further under ORIC to reach out to the most relevant and useful audience. 06 National and international conferences have been organized in collaboration with leading universities of the country alongside governmental and non- governmental national and international organizations during the year 2021-2022, to enhance the learning experience of the participants and students.
There has been significant increase in research activities and publications by the faculty. 11 research students have been awarded PhD degree while 23 new students have started their PhD degree. Despite the fact that 4 of the PhD programs were given a halt status due the shortage of the teaching faculty, these programs have been reinstated in 2021-22. It is a great success that the university completed the process to induct 98 new faculties after a gap of five years. This was possible due to the approval of service statutes of the university by the Competent Authority. Furthermore, 04 PhD and 03 MPhil programs with halted status by HEC in 2019 are revived, NOCs have been granted by HEC for 02 New PhD programs including PhD Education and Mathematics and 03 NOCs of MPhil programs including Mathematics, Applied Psychology and Mass Communication are also received. 03 NOCs of MS/MPhil are in process.
The Women University Multan is struggling to strengthen its infrastructure, to meet the challenges. In 2021 the university has been granted with two projects, one from HEC i.e., “Establishment of the Women University Multan Phase II” and other from Govt. of Punjab i.e., “Construction of Buildings at The Women University Multan” worth 1498.571 million and 192.0 million respectively. Both the projects will go a long way to strengthen the much needed infrastructure required for the academic and organizational growth of university. These projects will add 04 purpose built academic blocks, IT center, two Day care centers, Dar-ul-Quran, water purification plants, expansion of transport department, expansion of library, up-gradation of academic block at Katchery campus (old campus) alongside other allied facilities. University’s growth is directly related to its financial growth and development. University’s financial health is slowly improving with prudent financial planning and development.
Another PC-1 “Establishment of Research Centre and Up-gradation of Teaching Facilities at The Women University Multan” worth 1831 million was submitted to HEC in the year 2022. DDWP in is preliminary meeting directed to review and submit against Rs. 1669.431 Million with FEC Cost. PEECA solar energy project has also been launched which has completed its initial phase of tendering and biding. For ongoing approved project by HEC, agreement has been signed with the consultant. Submission of PC-IV is achieved in 2022 for project “Establishment of Women University Multan (PM directive) in September 2009. Mattital campus building has been completed and PC-IV is submitted in year 2022. Under this project academic block, administration block, 02 student hostels, central library, cafeteria, medical center, security set up/panel, sewerage system/lines, roads/pathways, boundary wall, faculty and staff residences and sports complex have been completed.
Continuous up gradation of its technological infrastructure is need of the hour for every progressive and competitive institution. WUM realizes the importance of technological advancement for the provision of quality education. Despite of lack of resources LMS is launched and made functional successfully, two smart classrooms have been established, one each in both campuses with above 500 MBPS. Biometric attendance system has been launched and successful automation of accounts, examination and admission department is achieved in 2021-2022. University website has also been redesigned to keep pace with its fast growth and development. Student Service Centre has also been established at Katchery Campus to provide the students easy access to all services under one roof. Open Sports complex has also been completed in 2022, to provide world class sports facilities to the students.
Academics and student engagement through training and outreach program has been another important focus of the Women University Multan. TEDx talks Countdown were held for first time in the Southern Punjab, with the main theme of Climate Change & Sustainability. Under student engagement and learning experience, visits to leading educational public and private organizations helped students develop important academic and research links. Web TV, Web Radio, social media channels including Facebook platform have been established to keep students, faculty and staff engaged with university by becoming active participants through this media network. Youth Development Club and Sports Centre held various activities this year
The Women University Multan strives to be a professional organization with appropriate policy making and a set up with efficient mechanism for good governance and operations. Each administrative and academic department has been restructured for more effective and efficient operation and functions. On the whole, the Women University Multan is committed to play its part in the training and nurturing of students, faculty and HR as human capital for the development of the country. Another important facility i.e., sports complex is being established in collaboration with DAI, Paigham e Pakistan Project. Tree plantation and establishment of botanical Garden has also been completed in the year 2021-22.
The university also made itself visible in world rankings including Times impact ranking, World University Ranking with Real Impact (WURI) and Green metrics rankings positioning The Women University Multan among the top ranked Women Universities of Pakistan, thus indicating that the university is moving into a world class institution aiming to promote women education and empowerment.