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Sonia Nasir Khan

Sonia Nasir Khan

Assistant Professor
  • Art & Design

  • sonia_khan_723@wum.edu.pk

  • MPhil Art & Design


Sonia Nasir Khan is presently working as a Assistant Professor/ Teacher In charge in the Art & Design Department, The Women University Multan. Her specialization is Painting & Art History. She received her BFA, with distinction from Multan College of Arts, Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. MFA & MPHIL Art & Design from Research Centre, University College of Art& Design, University of Punjab, Lahore. She is performing the duty of Teacher In-charge of Department of Art & Design from 2017-Present. She is the Member of Academic Statuary Bodies (BOS as convener, BOF & Academic Council) of Women University Multan since 2017 –Present. She is the Associate Editor of Research Journal (PJH), Deputy Director of Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC), and Member of different committees in WUM (WUM-Sports Committee, DSA Committee, and Souvenir& Shields Purchase Committee.) She is also the member of BOS of Multan College of Arts (BZU) (2019-2022) and Member of Academic Council of Muhammad Nawaz Sahreef Agriculture University since 2020-Present. She is also working for BISE Multan (as convener of Syllabus Meeting (2017-present). During her teaching period, she has taught different subjects Drawing, Painting, World History & Islamic art &Architecture. She did her Solo Exhibition “Premises of WUM Katchery Campus during Lockdown 2020” (In 2021). She has participated in Two Groups Shows in Multan College of Arts (BZU) ( in 2007) and also participated in Young Artist Exhibition, Alhamra Art Council Lahore.( in 2011) Her area of interest and research in theoretical subject is History of Visual Arts (Painting, Sculpture, Architecture), & History of Islamic Architecture (India, Pakistan) In Non-Theoretical /Practical subjects her area of interest is in Drawing & Painting. .Her MPhil thesis research is on “Aesthetics and Techniques of Frescos of Jahangir’s Tomb Lahore” . This research covers the detailed of fresco motifs varieties & technique used in Tomb of Jahangir Lahore and its designs comparison with other Mughal monuments of that period. This research further explains the type of Islamic and regional influences appeared in these designs with some hidden message and the style that later appeared and developed within Lahore after this monument. Her BFA painting research was on Agony and MFA painting research was on Vaccum. Both explains the pain, loneliness and emptiness feeling that one feels one time in life and this time is basically a great blessings in one’s life and with such feeling one came to know the meaning and purpose of life. Her four research articles related with art & architecture has been published in Perennial Journal of History, WUM. She has organized two webinars related with art & Exhibition events in the WUM. She has presented papers in two International conferences.

Academic Background
  • PHD Art & Design (Art History)


    Postgraduate Research Centre, University College of Art & Design, PU, Lahore

    - Continued enrolled in 2021

  • MPhil Art & Design (Art History)


    Research Centre, University College of Art & Design, PU,Lahore

    - 2015

  • M.F.A. Painting


    University College of Art & Design, PU, Lahore

    - 2011

  • BFA (Painting)

    Bachelors (Hons)

    Multan College of Arts, Bahauddin Zakriya University, Multan, Pakistan.

    - 2008

Honours and Awards


  • City level winners in IUB (3rd Position in Education Sector in city Level) In NIB Idea gist (National Idea Bank) 6 Dec 2021

    6 December 2021



  • RELO Training PROGRAM ( Regional English language office) “ English for BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP” online via canvas instruction

    13 Sep 2021

  • BFA Thesis Research Project: Agony (Paintings)

    6 months

  • MFA Thesis Research Project

    6 months

  • MPhil Thesis Research Project “ Aesthetics and Techniques of Frescos of Jahangir’s Tomb Lahore”

    1 year

  • “Female Art Education & Art Activities In South Punjab”” Presented in NIB City Level Competition 23 Nov 2021 (As Team Lead)

    1 month

  • A Contemporary Artist with an Interest in Observational Studies of Nature through Drawing and Painting


  • The Architecture Plan of Qutub Complex and its decoration Analysis


  • The Architecture and Decoration Varieties of Khirbat al Mafjar


  • Mughal Men’s Head Ornaments with an Emphasize on Turban Ornaments and their Connection with European Aigrette


  • Knowledge of Sufism and the Symbolic Interpretation of Paradise Garden Design Concept


  • Women University Multan- Pakistan
    Assistant Professor (Art and Design)

    (7 April 2022- Present

  • Women University Multan- Pakistan

    5 years 4 months