Faculty Dr. Rehmana Rashid


Dr. Rehmana Rashid

Dr. Rehmana Rashid

Assistant professor
  • Pharmacy

  • rehmana.6381@wum.edu.pk

  • Doctorate


Dr. Rehmana Rashid  holds a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy from Hanyang university South Korea . During her Ph.D she has produced publications as first author in high impact International journals. She has also co-authored various international publications that are published in JCR impact factor journals. She is an enthusiastic researcher in the field of solid nano emulsifying based drug delivery and solubility enhancing techniques of different drugs

Academic Background
  • Ph.D


    Hanyang university south Korea

    - 2015

  • M.phil


    The islamia university of bahawalpur

    - 2010

Honours and Awards
  • Awarded PhD scholarship from 90% overseas scholarship Phase 2 Batch-2012 Higher Education at Hanyang University South Korea

    August 2012

  • Successful completion of training about ethical use of animals as experimental organisms in research. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) of Hanyang University

    May 2013

  • Development of optimized dry injectable product of docetaxel via freeze drying method to enhance the solubility and stability

    02 years

  • ’Formulation Characterization, in vitro and in vivo studies of drug loaded 2-Ethyl hexyl acrylate/ Acrylic acid hydrogel microspheres

    01 year

  • Effect of hydroxypropylcellulose and Tween 80 on physicochemical properties and bioavailability of ezetimibe-loaded solid dispersion

    10.2174/15734129136661612071620 59

  • Comparative study on solid self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery and solid dispersion system for enhanced solubility and bioavailability of ezetimibe.


  • Novel dual-reverse thermosensitive solid lipid nanoparticle-loaded hydrogel for rectal administration of flurbiprofen with improved bioavailability and reduced initial burst effect


  • Development of a novel solid lipid nanoparticles-loaded dual-reverse thermosensitive nanomicelle for intramuscular administration with sustained release and reduced toxicity.


  • Novel piroxicam-loaded nanospheres generated by the electrospraying technique: physicochemical characterisation and oral bioavailability evaluation


  • Preparation and Characterization of Chemically Cross-Linked pH Sensitive Poly (EHA-co-IA) Microgels for Controlled Delivery of DiltiazemHCl.


  • Determination of nifedipine by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography in rabbit plasma


  • Determination of Diltiazem HCL by Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography in Rabbit Plasma


  • An Eco toxicological Study of House Crow in Southern Punjab, Pakistan:


  • Role of polyphenol in preventing prostate cancer cell growth through calcium channel blockers: a review article


  • The university of Faisalabad

    02 years 8months (DEC2009 to sep 2012)

  • Hanyang university South Korea
    PhD Researcher

    03 years (Aug 2012 to Aug 2015)

  • The Islamia university of Bahawalpur
    Assistant professor

    01 year (NOV 2015 to Nov 2016

  • The Women University Multan
    Assistant professor

    Present (April 2017 to till date)