Faculty Dr. Qammar Rubbab


Dr. Qammar Rubbab

Dr. Qammar Rubbab

Associate Professor
  • Mathematics

  • 0333-6052087

  • rubabqammar@gmail.com

  • Doctorate


Academic Background
  • PHD


    National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences Lahore

    - 2012

Honours and Awards
  • Exact analytic solutions for the flow of second grade between two longitudinally oscillating cylinders, Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics

    Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics 5(2009), 192-204

  • Axial Couette flow of an Oldroyd-B fluid with fractional derivattives due to a longitudinal time-dependent shear stress, Journal of Quaestiones Mathematicae

    Journal of QuaestionesMathematicae, 33 (2010), 429-441

  • Exact solutions of generalized Oldroyd-B fluid subject to a time-dependent shear stress in a pipe, Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics

    Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics 5 (2009), 139-148

  • Exact solutions for a rotational flow of generalized second grade fluids through a circular cylinder,


  • New exact solutions corresponding to Stokes’second problem for Maxwell fluids

    BuletinulInstitutuluiPolitehnic Din IASI Tomul LV (LIX), Fasc. 1,2009.

  • Exact solutions for the flow of generalized second grade fluid in an annular pipe

  • A note on rotational flow of a second grade fluid in an annular pipe due to a time dependent shear stress

    5th World Conference on 21 st Century Mathematics 2011” held in Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GC University Lahore- Pakistan February (2011) 9-13.

  • Axial Couette flow of a generalized second grade fluid due to a longitudinal constant shear,

    Research at FAST-NU Multi Topic Conference held on 7, March 2009.

  • New manners to provide exact solutions for some unidirectional motions of rate type fluids

    Journal of Thermal Science Serbia. Vol. 20, No.1 (2016) pp 7-20

  • DumitruVieru, Corina Fetecau and Constantin Fetecau, Natural convection near a vertical plate that applies a shear stress to a viscous fluid

    Journal PLOS ONE 8(2013)e7835

  • Optimal solution of nonlinear heat and mass transfer in a two-layer flow with nano-Eyring–Powell fluid

    Journal of Elsevier

  • Analytical solutions to the fractional advection-diffusion equation with time dependent pulses on the boundary

  • Haar wavelet solution of the MHD Jeffery- Hamel flow and heat transfer in Eyring-Powell fluid


  • Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis of MHD Nanofluid Flow with Radiative Heat Effects in the Presence of Spherical Au-Metallic Nanoparticles

    DOI: 10.1186/s11671-016-1692-2.

  • Unsteady helical flows of a size-dependent couple- stress fluid


  • Numerical simulation for Jeffery- Hamel flow and heat transfer of micropolar fluid based on differential evolution algorithm

    Accepted in AIP Advances

  • Multi-layer flows of immiscible fractional Maxwell fluids with generalized thermal flux

    “Chinese Journal of Physics”

  • The Women University Multan
    Associate Professor

    5 Years