Faculty Prof. Dr. Mamona Yasmin Khan


Prof. Dr. Mamona Yasmin Khan

Prof. Dr. Mamona Yasmin Khan

  • English

  • mamona.6231@wum.edu.pk

  • Doctorate


I am highly motivated multitasking professional having expertise in carrying out research and providing research supervision to graduate and post-graduate researchers. I believe in continuous professional development. A Team-builder, who develops and maintains relationship with students and colleagues and creates an atmosphere of mutual sharing, understanding and transfer of knowledge.

Academic Background
  • PhD


    The Women University Multan

    - 2020

  • M. Phil

    Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan

    - 2006

  • MA

    Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan

    - 1993

Honours and Awards
  • “Female Art Education & Art Activities In South Punjab” Presented in NIB City Level Competition 23 Nov 2021 (As Tem Lead) City Level Winners in IUB (3rd in Education Sector in city Level) In NIB Idea gist (National Idea Bank).

    6 Dec 2021

  • https://aspire.ideagist.com/#/dashboard/filter:created=me submitted idea “ Flash Animation HUB” under Idea category “communication” and same submitted in NIB Idea gist cohort 2


  • 3. National Startup Championship 2022 submitted idea Title “WUM Brand Me”


  • Exploring Ideologies in Primary English Textbook (SNC-2020): A Critical Discourse Analysis

    Perennial Journal of History (PJH)

  • Cross Cultural Study of Foreign Language Teaching& Learning In the Challenging Times of Covid-19: A Global Perspective

    Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences

  • Exploring the Intersectionality Epistemological Terrain: Black Women in Walker and Johnson Short Stories

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  • Feminist Ideology: A Deconstruction of Alice Walker’s Short Story

    Journal of Languages, Culture and Civilization

  • Exploration of Hyper-Reality in the Selected Fiction of Cargill: A Postmodern Paradigm

    Pakistan Journal of Language Studies

  • A Genre Based Study of Selected Dental Brochures in Pakistan

    Global Regional Review

  • Representation Of De-Familiarization In Ahmed Ali’s On The Departing Seasons: A Stylistic Foregreeounding Analysis (Humanities /Social Sciences)

    PalArchs Journal of Archaelogy of Egypt Egyptology (PJAEE)

  • Identifying Faces of Oppression in Transgenders’ Autobiographies


  • Oppression and Female Body: A Feminist Critique of the Novel ‘Half the Sky’

    Global Sociological Review

  • Exploring Racism, and Anxieties of Identity in Aslam’s Selected Work

    Global Language Review (GLR)

  • Teaching the Construction of Feminist Ideology to EFL Learners: A Corpus Approach

    Global Language Review

  • Philosophical Exploration of Absurdism and Existentialism: A Comparative Study of Kafka’s Work The Metamorphosis and The Trial

    Global Social Sciences Review (GSSR)

  • Visual Representation of Covid-19 in Children’s Literature: A Semiotic Analysis

    Sir Syed Journal of Education and Social Research

  • Magical Realism: Portrayal of Human Suffering in The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender

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  • Analysis of Conversational Implicatures in Camus' The Misunderstanding: A Pragmatic exploration

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  • Reading the Subaltern Other: A Postcolonial Critique of Kureishi’s The Black Album

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  • Online Learning and Motivational Strategies in the Backdrop of COVID-19: An EFL Perspective on Teachers and Students’ Perceptions at Tertiary Level in Pakistan

    Sir Syed Journal of Education & Social Research

  • Trauma, Identity, and Narrative in fiction: A Critique of The BlindMan’s Garden as Trauma Fiction

    Research Journal of Social Sciences & Economics Review

  • Teaching Power Construction in EFL Classes through Tweets: A Discourse Analytic Based Study

    Research Journal of Social Sciences & Economics Review

  • “What is good or bad about bilingual dictionary of punjabi: a lexicographic perspective into future of bilingual lexicography in the punjabi language in pakistan”

    PalArchs Journal of Archaelogy of Egypt Egyptology (PJAEE) 89

  • A Study of Genderlect features in “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E L James

    Global Social Sciences Review (GSSR)


    Journal of English Language Literature and Education

  • An Investigation into the Effectiveness of MALL during COVID-19 at the Higher Education in Pakistani EFL Classrooms

    Global Language Review

  • A Lexicographic Inquiry Into Law Students’ Language Proficiencyand The Role Of Dictionary: A Law Teachers’ Perspective

    Hamdard Islamicus

  • Analysing Escalating Feminist Voices Against Patriarchy In Jane Smiley’s A Thousand Acres

    Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • A study of thought Presentation in “ The Weave of my life : A Dalit Women ’s Memoir: A stylistic Perspective”

    International Journal of Literature, Linguistic and Culture IJLC

  • Exploring the Metaphoric Mythical and Historical Ideologies with Nationalist Affiliations and Religious Historical Past in James Joyce’s Selected Literary Fiction

    Global Language Review

  • Visual Communication in Corporate Brands: A Semiological Discourse Analysis of car Brochures

    International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation,

  • Transformation of Legal Texts into Simplified Accounts to Make the Justice Accessible

    Pakistan Social Sciences Review

  • Representation of Genderlect and Social Identities in Pakistan: An Analysis

    Pakistan Social Sciences Review

  • Resisting Power in Discourse and Discourse in Power: Role of Discourse in Social and Gender Discrimination

    Journal of Development and Social Sciences

  • An Empirical study of Communication Competence in Tertiary Level students of public sector institutions in Pakistan

    International Journal of Literature, Linguistic and Culture (IJLC)

  • Interplay of COVID-19 induced Stress and Psychological Effects on Students’ Language Learning: A Mixed Approach

    Global Regional Review



  • Academic English Language for Social Sciences Learners: A Case Study of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

    Pakistan Social Sciences Review

  • Conflicted Identities and Influence of Hybrid Culture on South Asian Muslim Americans: A Study of Ayad Akhtar’s “Disgraced”

    Al Qamar

  • Studying Dictionary Use Among the Law Graduates in Pakistan: A Lexicographic Inquiry

    International Journal of English Linguistics;

  • A Study of Speech Presentation in ‘Moth Smoke’: A Postmodern Perspective

    Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods

  • The Mechanism of creating New Terms in Diplomacy Terminologies of Urdu

    The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication- TOJDAC

  • New Technologies and Digital Literacy in Education: A Shifting Paradigm

    Pakistan Social Sciences Review

  • Incorporating Information and Communication Technology: A Study of the Perceptions of ESL Teachers at Secondary Level

    Pakistan Social Sciences Review

  • Cross culture Study of foreign Language Teaching and Learning into challenging times of Covid 19 A Global Perspective

    Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences

  • Longings Exploring Emotional Territories of Home, Desire and Identity in Shamsie Home Fire

    Global Political Review

  • Investigation of the Caste and Gender Based Subjugation of the Dalit Community

    Journal of English Language Literature and Education

  • Exploring the Intersectionality Epistemological Terrain Black Women in Walker and Johnson Short Stories

    Journal of Languages Culture And Civilization

  • The Women University Multan
    Associate Professor

    to date

  • The Women University Multan
    Assistant Professor

    12 Year

  • Govt. Post Graduate College for Women
    Assistant Professor

    03 Years

  • Govt. Post Graduate College for Women

    10 Years