Faculty Dr. Hira Muqaddas


Dr. Hira Muqaddas

Dr. Hira Muqaddas

Assistant Professor (BPS-19)
  • Zoology

  • hira.6385@wum.edu.pk

  • Doctorate


The work of Dr. Hira Muqaddas covers the molecular characterization of notorious parasites of protozoan and helminths. Her primary areas of interest in to study parasitic and infectious diseases of livestock through investigating genetic structure, phylogeography, and haplotype analysis.

Academic Background
  • Ph.d Zoology


    University of Sargodha

    - 25 June 2021

  • MPhil Zoology


    University of Sargodha

    - 14-01-2012

Honours and Awards
  • 8th edition of the Parasitology Summer Course (VIII ParSCo) in Aeolian, Sicilian islands, Italy. (Winner of Boehringer Ingelheim student grant)

    11th June 2022

  • International e conference: vaccine(s) against arthropod borne diseases Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

    9th July 2021

  • An Online Workshop on R programming Cancer Research Centre, University of the Punjab

    28th July 2020

  • International Workshop on “Use of Genome Editing & other New Breeding Technologies for Global Food Security COMSTECH, NIBGE & ICGEB

    10th April 2019

  • 17th National Training course on Modern Techniques in Biotechnology National Institute for biotechnology and genetic Engineering, Faisalabad.

    26th April 2019

  • 2nd National Training Course on “Molecular Methods in Biotechnology” Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF)

    17th March, 2017

  • Genetic structure and phylogeography of Echinococcus granulosus sensu stricto genotypes G1 and G3 in Pakistan and other regions of the world based on nad5 gene.


  • Genetic variability and diversity of Echinococcus granulosus sensu lato in human isolates of Pakistan based on cox1 mt-DNA sequences (366bp)


  • Comprehensive study based on mtDNA signature (nad1) providing insights on Echinococcus granulosus ss genotypes from Pakistan and potential role of buffalo-dog cycle


  • Comprehensive Account on Prevalence and Characteristics of Hydatid Cysts in Livestock from Pakistan.


  • Retrospective Study of Cystic Echinococcosis (CE) Based Hospital Record from Five Major Metropolitan Cities of Pakistan.


  • Comparative study of forage toxic metals of conventional versus non- conventional pastures in relation to animal mineral nutrient allowance.


  • Quantitative analysis of lead in cows and buffaloes for health assessment.


  • Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal Induced Toxicity In Hadda Beetle, Epilachna Vigintioctopunctata (Coccinellidae; Coleoptera

    Fresenius Environmental Bulletin (International) (IF: 0.618)

  • Determination of Nutritional Status of Some Vegetables Grown with Different Water Resource Applications in Sargodha, Pakistan.


  • Variation in contamination status of cadmium in forages and blood plasma of livestock in different districts of Punjab, Pakistan.


  • Sodium status of soil, forages, and small ruminants of Punjab, Pakistan


  • Appraisal of chromium and cobalt contents of vegetables grownin soil irrigated with sewage water: A risk for consumers’ health


  • Effect of diverse regimes of irrigation on metals accumulation in wheat crop: an assessment - dire need of the day.

    Fresenius Environmental Bulletin (International) (IF: 0.618)

  • Accretion & dispersion of heavy metals in a vegetable grown in contaminated soil with sewage water: A matter of great concern & community health consequences.

    Fresenius Environmental Bulletin (International) (IF: 0.618)

  • Evaluation of Heavy Metals uptake by heat growing in sewage irrigated soil: relationship with heavy metal in soil and wheat grains.

    Fresenius Environmental Bulletin (International) (IF: 0.618)

  • Flavonoids in plants of Pakistan: a review.


  • Measurement Of Cadmium Contamination In Spleen, Lung And Bone Of Cows And Buffaloes In District Sargodha Punjab, Pakistan.

    Int. J. Med. Appl. Health (National)

  • Avifauna Census, Assesment of Heavy Metal Pollution And Its Effects On Aquatic Biota In Relation With Alteration In Precipitation At Jahlar Lake, Punjab, Pakistan.

    Int. J. Agric. Appl. Sci.,

  • Avifauna Studies in Co-Relation with Alteration in Climatic Patterns and Hydrology of Uchalli Lake, Punjab, Pakistan.

    Pakistan J. Zool. (National) (IF: 0.687

  • Seasonal Activity of Tick Infestation in Goats and Buffalo of Punjab Province (District Sargodha), Pakistan.

    Kafkas. Univ. Vet. Fak. Derg (International) (IF: 0.633)

  • Department of Zoology,University of Sargodha, Sub campus Mianwali
    Lecturer Zoology (BPS-18)

    3 years 5 months 7 days

  • Department of Zoology, The Women University Multan
    Lecturer Zoology (BPS-18)

    4 years 10 months 7 days