Faculty Dr. Adeela Saeed


Dr. Adeela Saeed

Dr. Adeela Saeed

Associate Professor
  • Chemistry

  • dradeela.chem@wum.edu.pk

  • Doctorate


Dr. Adeela’s  research work is based on the affinity materials used in the bioanalytical separations. To sustain her research group, she secured multiple research grants. Her research focused on the polymer-based materials and metal organic frameworks to be used in the variety of applications. She has publications in well reputed international journals. She has also published book chapters. She has won two HEC outstanding Research paper awards and listed in Pakistani top scientist in AD scientific index. Currently she is serving as the Director Student Affairs on additional charge as well as chairperson admission committee in the Women University Multan. she is HEC approved supervisor and supervising M.Phil. and PHD students

Academic Background
  • Ph. D.


    Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.

    - 2015

  • M.Phil


    Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.

    - 2008

  • M.Sc


    Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.

    - 2005

Honours and Awards
  • HEC 4 years Ph. D fellowship under Indigenous PhD 5000 Fellowship Program Phase–VI

    May 2014

  • Awarded Scholarship under “International research support initiative program”

    4th September 2012

  • HEC Outstanding Research Award 2013/2014; "Best Research Paper Award" on Newly Developed Poly(Allyl Glycidyl Ether/Divinyl Benzene) Polymer for Phosphopeptides Enrichment and Desalting of Biofluids, by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan along with cash award

    24th June 2016

  • HEC Outstanding Research Award 2013/2014; "Best Research Paper Award" on Growth of a Highly Porous Coordination Polymer on Macroporous Polymer Monolith Support for Enhanced Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatographic Enrichment of Phosphopeptides, by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan along with cash award.

    24th June 2016

  • Porous hybrid materials: Marriage of unique properties of porous materials for analytical separations of Biomolecules.

    09 Months

  • MOF/Graphene Porous Composite Materials for Enzyme Immobilization

    01 Year

  • Photocatalytic Degradation of WaterSoluble Organic Pollutant Using Graphene Oxide@Agnanocomposite

    01 year

  • Jabeen F, Sajid MS, Fatima B, Saeed A, Ashiq MN, Najam-Ul-Haq M. Graphene oxide-metal oxide nanocomposites for on-target enrichment and analysis of phosphorylated biomolecules. J Sep Sci. 2021 Aug;44(16):3137-3145.


  • Faisal, M. M., Ali, S. R., Sanal, K. C., Iqbal, M. W., Iqbal, M. Z., & Saeed, A. (2021). Highly porous terpolymer-MOF composite electrode material for high performance supercapattery devices. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 115321


  • Fatima, B., Hussain, D., Saeed, A., Sajid, M. S., Majeed, S., Nawaz, R., ... & Mehmood, R. (2020). Tellurium doped zinc imidazole framework (Te@ ZIF-8) for quantitative determination of hydrogen peroxide from serum of pancreatic cancer patients. Scientific reports, 10(1), 1-9


  • Saleem, S., Sajid, M. S., Hussain, D., Fatima, B., Jabeen, F., Najam-ul-Haq, M., & Saeed, A. (2020). Highly porous terpolymer-ZIF8@ BA MOF composite for identification of mono-and multi-glycosylated peptides/proteins using MS-based bottom-up approach. Microchimica Acta, 187(10), 1-9.


  • Saleem, S., Sajid, M. S., Hussain, D., Jabeen, F., Najam-ul-Haq, M., & Saeed, A. (2020). Boronic acid functionalized MOFs as HILIC material for N-ied glycopeptide enrichment. Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 412(7), 1509-1520.


  • Hussain, D., Musharraf, S. G., Fatima, B., Saeed, A., Jabeen, F., Ashiq, M. N., & Najam-ul-Haq, M. (2019). Magnetite nanoparticles coated with chitosan and polyethylenimine as anion exchanger for sorptive enrichment of phosphopeptides. Microchimica Acta, 186(12), 1-10


  • Javeed, R., Hussain, D., Jabeen, F., Saeed, A., Fatima, B., Ashiq, M. N., & Najam‐ul‐Haq, M. (2020). Enrichment of HDL proteome and phospholipidome from human serum via IMAC/MOAC affinity. Biomedical Chromatography, 34(1), e4693.


  • Saeed, A., Hussain, D., Saleem, S., Mehdi, S., Javeed, R., Jabeen, F., & Najam-ul-Haq, M. (2019). Metal–organic framework-based affinity materials in proteomics. Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 411(9), 1745-1759.


  • Lamprou, A., Wang, H., Saeed, A., Svec, F., Britt, D., & Maya, F. (2015). Preparation of highly porous coordination polymer coatings on macroporous polymer monoliths for enhanced enrichment of phosphopeptides. Journal of visualized experiments: JoVE, (101).


  • Najam‐ul‐Haq, M., Saeed, A., Jabeen, F., Hussain, D., Khan, N., Shabir, M., ... & Zafar, Z. I. (2015). Development of new multifunctional terpolymer sorbent for proteomics applications. Biomedical Chromatography, 29(7), 981-989.


  • Department of Chemistry, The Women University Multan
    Associate Professor-BPS

    7-04-2022 to present

  • Department of Chemistry, The Women University Multan
    Assistant Professor-IPFP

    05 years, 03 Months and & days

  • Department of Chemistry, The Women University Multan
    Assistant Professor-IPFP

    01 year

  • Govt. Post Graduate College for Women Vehari
    College Teacher Intern

    08 Months

  • Institute of Chemical Sciences, Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan
    College Teacher Intern

    01year, 10 months

  • Govt. College for Women Kuchehry Chowk Multan
    Visiting Faculty

    01 year