What's On World Environment Day Celebrated at Women University Multan organized by Department of Environmental Sciences

World Environment Day Celebrated at Women University Multan organized by Department of Environmental Sciences

World Environment Day is organized by the Department of Environmental Science, the Women University Multan in collaboration with the Punjab Environment Protection Agency, Multan, and the Prime Minister’s green youth program on June 5th, 2023. The purpose of the celebration is to create awareness about the importance of a safe and healthy environment, highlight the current environmental issues, and find out the possible solution. UN set this year’s theme ‘solution to plastic pollution’. After the arrival of guest a plantation ceremony was conducted on the side lawn of the academic block. The plantation is key to combating global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, and removing and storing carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air. The plantation was carried by respected guests Dr. Muhammad Aslam (Mumtaz Feed, and Allied Industries Private Limited), Dr. Kanwal Rehman (Director ORIC, WUM), Mr. Shamshad Ahmed (Punjab Environment Protection Agency, Multan), and Mr. Khwaja Hassan Mansoor, (Pak Arab Fertilizer).
The event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and Naat Rasool Maqbool (PBUH). The welcome note was delivered by Dr. Saima Nasreen and Ms. Syeda Shaima Meryem to the respected guests, speakers, alumni, and participant students from different departments. Dr. Muhammad Aslam was the chief guest of the event. Dr. Mohsin Nawaz Assistant Professor Department of Agricultural Engineering, MNS-University of Agriculture Multan and Engr. Zaid Masood US Pakistan Center for Advance Studies in Energy (USPCASE), NUST deliver their talks on the ‘Implementation of the 3Rs strategy for controlling plastic pollution’ and ‘Role of Renewable Energy in Environmental Sustainability’, respectively. Open competitions for e-posters, documentaries, and recycling models were also organized where different department contest each other. All participants were very enthusiastic. Cash prizes and certificates were awarded to first, second and third position holders.
In the end, closing remarks were given by the chief guest. Certificates were also distributed to all participants, guests, speakers, and the organizing committee as a token of appreciation. A memorable day came to an end, and the participants returned home with great joy. This was an amazing and enjoyable sports ceremony. These types of activities keep the students active, encouraged, and confident.