What's On 2nd International European Film Festival 2023 Curated by Olomopolo Media Organization collaborated with The Women University Multan

2nd International European Film Festival 2023 Curated by Olomopolo Media Organization collaborated with The Women University Multan

The Oloompolo European Union Film Festival was a highly anticipated event that aimed to celebrate the art of filmmaking and promote cultural exchange.The Department of Mass Communication, under the umbrella of the Director of Student Affairs, actively participated in the 2nd International European Film Festival, 2023 Pakistan curated by Olomopolo Media. The Oloompolo European Union commenced with a workshop on film-making. The objective of this workshop was to empower and encourage Youngsters to explore the field of filmmaking, which is often underrepresented by women. The workshop provided a platform for these students to learn essential skills, gain hands-on experience, and interact with industry professionals.The Film-making workshop was conducted by Kanwal Khoosat, renowned producer and director which provided valuable insights and learning opportunities.The workshop proved to be a remarkable experience for the women university students. They were able to participate in various activities, such as scriptwriting, cinematography, editing, and directing. The hands-on approach allowed them to grasp the intricacies of the filmmaking process and sparked their creativity. By engaging in discussions with industry experts, the students gained valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in the film industry, inspiring them to pursue their passions fearlessly. Moreover, the workshop fostered a supportive environment, where the students received constructive feedback, mentoring, and guidance from experienced professionals. This encouragement further motivated them to explore their potential in the film industry.
Following the workshop, the Oloompolo European Union Film Festival unfolded with an array of captivating films, creative stalls, and engaging activities. The festival provided a platform for established and emerging filmmakers to showcase their work, while also facilitating cultural exchange and dialogue. These stalls provided attendees, including the women university students, with an opportunity to explore new experiences and gain insights into the latest advancements in filmmaking. From virtual reality setups to interactive storytelling installations, the creative stalls added a unique dimension to the event, sparking creativity and imagination. The students from the department of Mass Communication, Department of Islamic Studies, Department of Physics and Sociology The Women University, Multan. The Oloompolo European Union Film Festival, with its workshop on film-making for students and the subsequent film festival, proved to be an enriching experience. The workshop empowered young students to explore the world of filmmaking and provided them with essential skills and knowledge. The festival itself provided a platform for cultural exchange, creativity, and dialogue, with creative stalls offering new experiences and opportunities for growth. The volunteer work by the students from Women’s University further highlighted the importance of such events in providing practical exposure and networking opportunities. These events play a crucial role in shaping the aspirations and careers of students, fostering a passion for the arts, and promoting diversity and inclusivity in the film industry.
Ms. Sadia Talib, lecturer from Department of Mass Communication served as the focal person for this event. Dr. Deeba Shahwar and Ms. Amna Fazail contributed as coordinators and volunteered their services during the festival.We eagerly anticipate hosting more such events in the future, as they serve as a platform for fostering collaborative learning and cultural exchange, ultimately enriching the academic experience of our students.