Directorate of Sports

Sport is such a field where people can learn a lot, apart from physical growth, sports persons show behavioral and psychological growth as well. Sports is therefore important to spread the fit and healthy lifestyle. For ages, Greeks showed respect to it and earned themselves a name for their society. They prioritized sports as they knew the importance of the game. In ancient Greece, athletics used it as a way of communication that brings a great sense of connection between people. It allowed individuals to elevate their position in society, represent their city-state, and earn respect among their peers. I envision the same dream.

Director Message

Dr. Mamona Khan
Director Sports
As a sports director, WUM, I feel privileged to lead a group of young and athletic women who take their sport very seriously. They feel the responsibility to carry the legacy of Women Sports ahead. Therefore, I extend my support to them and stand by them not as their director but as their team member even if at times, when we do not get the desired results on the game day. I focus on team making and collective efforts for it is more important than winning or losing a game. It teaches discipline, patient and content. And this is exactly the legacy I am talking about. Following the vision and mission of our worthy vice chancellor, we are trying to take WUM Sports ahead just as Greeks did. I can proudly claim that our sports women are not letting us down. We have trained coach and players who have represented us at national level. Our goal is to provide our athletes with the best of opportunities so that they may be able to reach the highest international level. This is the reason we have planned inter-university friendly matches so that our girls could get all the exposure they need. Friendly matches are often organized and it can be claimed with great confidence that the future of Sports at Women University Multan is Bright and Promising.