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We are living in an age of information explosion where technology has changed the way of handling information. Media has become leading growing industry of Pakistan. It has become a force that supports the process of change required for the development of our country. Media’s role in promoting democracy and good governance cannot be denied. A large number of Media organizations have been rapidly set up in Pakistan during the past few years. The development and rapid growth of media industry have made a great scope for fresh graduates in this discipline of Mass Communication. Keeping in view, the growth of media industry and increasing demand for skilled media persons in Pakistan and particularly in the region of Southern Punjab, The Women University Multan has planned to offer BS 4 Year Program so that our young graduates could start their career with confidence and they would be able to compete in the market in responsible manner in order to contribute to national development.


The Mass Communication Undergraduate Program has been designed to prepare students for media related fields. With the help of curricular and extra-curricular activities, this program will help the students build a broad understanding of the role of our discipline in society. To produce high quality graduates equipped with necessary skills, critical thinking and mass communication professionals.


Our mission is “to pursue professional excellence”. Our Programs strive to cultivate strong professional, theoretical and ethical skills that make students to be

Responsible media professionals, citizens and scholars. The main aim is to stimulate intellectual curiosity, rational thinking, thoughtful expression and skills necessary for success in all mass communication fields.

To accomplish this goal, we have combined practical experience with theoretical course work. Moreover, extracurricular and internship activities are also designed to help students understand and appreciate the crucial role of Mass Communication in our society.

Students Learning Objectives (SLOs)

After completing their studies in the department of Political Science, the students will be able to:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of Mass media and Digital media.
  • Develop or improve the writing and communication skills of the students.
  • Enable students to become critical thinkers.
  • Promote the importance of media ethics among  the students.
  • Motivate students for conducting research and writing research articles.
  • Develop abilities to make use of the critical thinking in own writing.
  • Encourage students for writing news stories, column, features and articles.
  • Develop the ability for identifying the importance of news stories.
  • Build up or increase the self confidence among the students.

Teacher's Incharge

Dr. Deeba Shahwar
Teacher's Incharge/Associate Professor
Department of Mass Communication, The Women University Multan, aims to provide excellent environment and opportunities to its students so that they can explore their potential and abilities not only academically but also professionally. The faculty of Mass Communication Department has diversified abilities and they are professionally capable of polishing and developing various skills among students such as objective and creative thinking and writing skills, use of modern digital technologies and broadcast equipment. For us, Mass Communication is not merely a subject, we take it as a responsibility towards society. This is why our main mission is to produce better professionals who can perform their duties well and can contribute in the respective departments very well. Department of Mass Communication is keen to develop good relations with media industry, so that our students learn about new media trends by having field trips to different media industries and mandatory internship programs. Furthermore, we are also keen to train our students in a manner that they become leaders in the field of journalism.

Faculty Members

Dr. Deeba Shahwar
Dr. Deeba Shahwar

Assistant Professor

Ms. Sadia Talib
Ms. Sadia Talib


Ms. Sumera Khalid
Ms. Sumera Khalid


Ms. Amna Fazail
Ms. Amna Fazail


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