Central Library


Main library was established in 2013 in Katchery campus and Central library was established in 2018 in Mattital campus, both libraries are fully functional with latest edition of Subjects books. Library has a large collection of various books, both local and foreign along with reference books.

Research and Discussion Cabins

All Floors of the library research cabins are provided for research scholars. A research cabin may be reserved only for an M.Phil/PhD research scholar on the recommendation of her head of the department.


A photocopier available on the first floor at the library near IT lab for the convenience of the library users.

Free Wi-Fi Access

Students, faculty and visitors at the Women University Library, enjoy the flexibility to access web and exchange resourceful information from anywhere within Library. Reason: the Library is now Wi-Fi.

Library Professional Staff

Ms. Gulnaz Batool
Ms. Gulnaz Batool

Assistant Librarian

Ms. Sumaira Rasool
Ms. Sumaira Rasool

Assistant Librarian

General Rules

Following rules / instructions are defined to be observed by the users; however violator(s) may have to face disciplinary action:-

  1. Only Registered Users can avail the facilities of the library.
  2. Cell-phones must be kept on silent mode (or switched-off) while being inside library. Further attending call(s) are also not allowed inside the library. 
  3. Drinks and eatables are strictly prohibited.
  4. Sleeping is not allowed in library.
  5. Don’t write and scratch the library furniture. In case of irreversible damage, you’ll be heavily fined as decided by the Library Committee.
  6. Library books are examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible, so, don’t write, highlight, underline, mark, or fold pages of the books.
  7. In case of severe damage / lost, borrower will have to return a new copy of the book (same print) or pay the price of the book as deemed by the Authority.
  8. Complete silence should be observed, except for brief and subdued talk with library staff.
  9. Separate group study area is available within the library. Group work and conversation (religious, political etc.) are encouraged in these group study area.
  10. If any library user disturbs, the study environment which may cause disruption in service or distraction for other library users, she will be given a verbal warning by the library staff. For second time, she will be given a written warning but for third time, library will refer the case to Authority/Library Committee.
  11. If you read a library book inside the library, leave it on the table after you have finished. Do not reshelf it yourself. You may inadvertently misplace a book which can cause problems in its later search.
  12. Do not change configuration of the PCs (IT-Lab) or any other equipment in the library. WUM code of conduct must be observed while using IT facilities.
  13. Although you can use your belongings (laptop, books, registers etc.) for study purpose inside the library and to avoid security concerns, you should place your bags / irrelevant items on the table besides the entrance door. In case of suspicion, library staff is authorized to check your bags.
  14. Someone found and proven guilty of stealing books or other items from the library, she may face disciplinary legal actions or as per decision of the authority.
  15. Treat the library staff with respect. Any misbehave would not be tolerated and offender come under the law.

Note: The Librarian is authorized to withdraw library facilities from any member who is found misusing the library material or facilities.

Library Timings

Library observes the official opening hours, and the break hours (during which the library remains “Closed”). The library timings may, however, change, in which case it will be properly notified. Following are library timings for the current academic session.

Monday to Friday

08:00 AM to 4:00 PM

(according to university timings)

Prayer/ Lunch Break

01:30 PM to 02:30 PM


Library Membership

Library can only be consulted by the Library Members.

  1. Faculty Member(s)/ administrative staff of each Department will get their Library Membership by the recommendation of their respective Heads.
  2. Data of students will be submitted by all departments to the Library at the time of commencement of academic sessions for issuance of their Library Membership Card.
  3. In case of card is lost, a fine of Rs.100/- is charge for issuance of new/duplicate card.


Main Building

Book Collection

Journal Section

Newspaper Section

Thesis Section

Lab (IT)

Books Circulation Desk

Reading Area

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