The Women University Multan (WUM) was established in 2013 by the upgradation of Govt. Degree College for Women (GDCW), which came into being in 1975. The university started with the faculty of Sciences, and the Faculty of social sciences, and the faculty of Religion with 12 departments but with the passage of time it expanded to 24 departments with faculty of Life Sciences, the Department of Pharmacy, the Institute of Management Sciences, Department of Mass Communication with a student population of about 8000+. At present, WUM is on its way to establishing many other departments, particularly for engineering and agriculture studies. It is estimated that WUM and GDCW have already graduated more than 80,000 students who are found at various levels of responsibility in all sectors of the social, economic, and political life of Pakistan, and in many other countries and international organizations around the world. The majority of these graduates, if not all, cherish and are proud of the role played by WUM in their lives and would certainly wish to keep active ties with WUM and contribute to its development. This Policy provides a coherent framework for building sustainable mutually beneficial relationships between WUM and its graduates.


To provide high-quality vibrant career counseling to equip graduates with an innovative and creative marketplace expertise and works as a bridge to fill the gap between alumni and the institution.


The vision of the directorate is to provide a platform for students’ self-exploration, for setting their career goals,
to assist them in their lifelong career paths through comprehensive career training and opportunities, to develop a sense of belonging and pride for alumni, and provide a bridge of communication, high-quality services, and counseling to the existing students through the lens of Alumni and success stories.

Objectives of CC&AA

The Women University Multan's Directorate of Career Counseling and Alumni Affairs (CC&AA) is dedicated to dual objectives: providing career counseling for current students and fostering connections with alumni. It serves as a platform for students to explore their career options, offering counseling, consultations, training, workshops, and learning activities both on-campus and virtually. The directorate supports existing students in their job search, aids fresh graduates in securing positions in various sectors, and establishes linkages with the labor market.

Recognizing the enduring value of university life, the CC&AA aims to bring that spirit to the graduates' lives, fostering a sense of connection and belonging between alumni and the campus. Acting as a bridge between alumni and Alma mater, the office encourages ongoing engagement, inviting alumni to stay informed about campus activities and share their success stories with current students. Achieving these goals involves organizing career seminars, workshops, job fairs, alumni dinners, tours, sports events, and various workshops.Top of Form

The objectives of the directorate are to:

  1. Create a space for students to explore their interests, discover career options, and enhance their awareness
    of global competition in national and international job markets.
  2. Share details about career breaks using various channels, including the university website, portal, social media,
    notice boards, displays, exhibitions, job fairs, and other available methods.
  3. Offer thorough guidance to empower students with essential, innovative, and creative expertise relevant to the
    dynamic marketplace, aiding them in shaping their career trajectories.
  4. Support students in realizing their career aspirations by enhancing their oral and written communication skills, covering curriculum vitae, statement of purpose, and interview preparation. This is accomplished through various learning methods, including seminars, workshops, and training sessions.
  5. Foster a strong connection between alumni and the university, promoting active participation of graduates in
    campus activities.
  6. Cultivate relationships with prospective employers and alumni to facilitate the recruitment of recent
  7. Motivate students to engage in entrepreneurial pursuits by showcasing success stories of alumni in business.
  8. Utilize alumni contributions to enhance the university's resources through research support, bookstalls, lab
    equipment, scholarships, and donations
  9. Augment the institution's human, social, and cultural capital to elevate the marketability and acceptance of its
    graduates in the job market and industry.
  10. Arrange sessions involving academics, mentors, and university administration to support them in providing
    graduates with innovative and creative expertise for the marketplace.
Dr. Sadaf Mahmood
Director, Career Counselling & Alumni Affairs,
Dear Students, Alumni, and Visitors, A warm welcome to the Directorate of Career Counselling & Alumni Affairs (CC & AA) at The Women University Multan. I am delighted to extend my greetings to all of you. Career Counselling and Alumni Affairs play pivotal roles in a students & academic journey and beyond. Career counselling provides guidance, enabling students to make informed decisions about their academic and professional paths. Alumni Affairs fosters lifelong connections, creating a supportive network that enhances career opportunities, mentorship, and the overall success of students and graduates. Our primary commitment is to empower students, alumni, and the community by providing comprehensive career guidance and fostering lifelong connections. In the ever-evolving landscape of education and careers, our dedicated team is here to support you at every step of your journey. Whether you are a current student exploring academic paths or an alumna shaping your career, rest assured that our team is ready to offer expert advice and provide valuable resources. We aim to be your steadfast partner in success. Take the time to explore our website and discover the diverse range of services, events, and opportunities we have to offer. From career counselling and skill development workshops to alumni networks and job placements, we have designed our offerings to cater to your diverse needs. Thank you for being a valuable part of our community. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you in realizing your academic and professional aspirations. Best Regards,

CC&AA Staff

Dr. Sadaf Mahmood
Dr. Sadaf Mahmood


Dr. Fatima Zafar Baig
Dr. Fatima Zafar Baig

Additional Director

Dr. Fareeha Sohail
Dr. Fareeha Sohail

Deputy Director CC&AA

Mr. Tariq Mehmood
Mr. Tariq Mehmood

Sr. Computer Operator