About Us Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision, Mission & Core Values


Our prime purpose is to serve as a catalyst for the progress of women by providing excellent learning environment for quality education to produce graduates who are distinguished by their ability to create and preserve knowledge,  professional competence, leadership pragmatic and good citizenship, ethical rectitude and entrepreneurship.


The university aspires to play a leadership role in pursuit of excellence in Higher education for women to promote discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship to unleash highest potential of the graduates.

Core Values 

  • Faith
  • Integrity
  • Hard work
  • Mutual respect
  • Justice and fair play
  • Common good and community service
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Professionalism and dedication
  • Leadership and Excellence

Core Goals:

The Women University Multan seeks to

Empower & provide access; attracting and serving students from diverse social economical and ethnic backgrounds in order to be sensitive and responsive to the underprivileged to provide them access to quality higher education

Provide cutting-edge teaching, research and mentorship; through enabling and nurturing environment that can development of their community and nation at large
Offer broad and balanced academic programs, at the undergraduate, graduate professional and postgraduate level, that emphasize high quality teaching and learning to develop critical thinking, desire for discovery, innovation and creativity Build state of the art infrastructure and enabling environment professional learning
Establish strategic collaborations with reputable national and international institutions for capacity building and outreach with local and global partners for technological and scientific research and development
Develop entrepreneurship ecosystem and social mobilization by creating conducive environment for healthy competition and business sensibility to generate knowledge through scholarly research based creative ventures addressing immediate and long -term needs of the society.