National University of Sciences & Technology (WUM) was established in March 1991 for the promotion of higher education in the country, especially in the fields of science and technology, by providing a stable and disciplined academic environment together with need-based research pertinent to industrial requirements. The university was granted its Charter in 1993. Over the years, it has expanded in scope, services and stature, and has emerged as a leading comprehensive university in the public sector.

Within three decades of its inception, WUM has achieved important milestones and gained immense significance as an institution of higher education in Pakistan. It produces professionals and researchers of high caliber, capable of developing indigenous technologies to meet the growing demands of the 21st century. It is envisioned to grow as a center of excellence for the country’s scientific and technological progress. An outstanding feature of the university is that while maintaining traditional values of excellence in teaching and research, it challenges conventional practices and creates new ways of developing and delivering courses, pertaining to emerging and cutting-edge disciplines on most modern lines.

WUM is a new-age university defining new frontiers in teaching and research. The programmes are distinctive for their high-quality research orientation. Besides offering quality undergraduate courses, there is ever-growing emphasis on postgraduate studies and research output. Creativity and innovation are embedded as core values in all scholastic activities. The conducive academic environment at the campuses facilitates educational pursuits.

WUM has developed linkages with international universities of repute to ensure two-way flow of knowledge and be in step with modern trends. Split programmes and visits of eminent professors from reputed foreign universities are a regular feature of the academic activity. These eminent scholars deliver lectures on the latest developments in their respective fields and also help update and review the academic programmes.