About Us


To evolve WUM into a world class Centre of Excellence among Higher Education Institutions, leading the transformation of Pakistan towards a rapidly developing Knowledge Economy to realise the national objective of a progressive and prosperous country among comity of nations.


To develop WUM as a Comprehensive, Academic and Research led university with a focus on Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship so as to amicably negotiate Social, Economic and Environmental challenges faced by the country.

Core Values

  • Merit
  • Integrity
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Diversity & Inclusivity


Prof. Dr. Kalsoom Paracha

Nestled in the enclave of the heart of the city, The Women University has the distinction of becoming the first University for Women in the city of Multan. To keep pace with the ever-growing demand for the educational reforms, a persistent evolutionary process is needed that can transform a newly established university into a hub of knowledge. In order to reap the benefits of knowledge dissemination, a proposal for setting up the university was designed that can serve the national interest in a broad framework. To compete on par with the global standards, a comprehensive and focused education revamp was demanded in the form of an institution that could serve the inhabitants of the city as well as the nation altogether. It could be a matter of elation for the local fraternity to find an institute of advanced studies in their vicinity, easily accessible to the female knowledge seekers.

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